Learn How Meta Is Using AI to Build for The Metaverse Shift – Virtual Event

If you haven’t quite wrapped your head around the concept of the metaverse, and what it means going forward for digital connection, you’re not alone. There are many people out there still trying to come to terms with this concept, how it’s going to work and the change its going to bring about.

Meta have realised that, and as such, have announced a virtual event later this month where a host of internal experts will talk about their approaches in using Artificial Intelligence to build the Metaverse, and how machine learning fosters an important role in that process.

Meta virtual event

Mark Zuckerberg, along with other speakers will go into detail around the varying applications of the metaverse, and what needs to be done in order to get there.

As said by Meta:

“Building for the metaverse is the most ambitious long-term bet we’ve ever made as a company. The experiences we’re envisioning will require massive technological progress over the coming years, and our continued advancements in AI will be core to our success. The breakthroughs we’re making now in AI are happening thanks to the long-term bets we made in the early days of our research, in areas like computer vision, speech and translation, and our developer community.”

Who will be speaking at Meta’s Virtual Event?

Here is a list of who will be speaking at Meta’s virtual event, and what topics he/she will be covering:

AI in the Metaverse
Unlocking the Metaverse with AI and Open Science
Toward Self-Learning Vision Systems
Delivering Inclusive Technologies Through Translations
Building the Assistants of Tomorrow
The Path to Human Level Intelligence
Building Responsible AI at Meta
Supporting Innovation

If you’re interested to take part in Meta’s virtual event, you can sign up to get reminders here.

Meta virtual event
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