LinkedIn Shares Research on The Power of a Unified Brand [Infographic]

LinkedIn has shared a new infographic that takes a look at the value of branding from different perspectives, and how these views have become more integrated due to the pandemic.

It’s well known that the pandemic forced more people to work from home than pre-COVID times. Subsequently, this led to a new trend in recruitment as well as employee expectation.

With this in mind, LinkedIn speaks of how brands need to consider how they permeate their brand in DNA in all its forms in order to ensure consistency.

As said by LinkedIn:

“The reality is that the journey these different stakeholders take with your brand is a blended one in which they consume a mix of content relating to different aspects of your brand. It’s not a problem for them when a potential customer sees a recruitment post about your culture, or a candidate is targeted with your latest corporate brand campaign. These brand experiences come together to multiply impact, familiarity and trust. It’s why brands that unify their stories experience double-digit growth in sales, candidates applications and content engagement.” 

With people now able to access more information about a business than ever before, the concept of a more integrated branding approach is not all too far fetched.

Check out LinkedIn’s infographic below that highlights the key points stipulated in its Great Reshuffle guide:

The Great Reshuffle & Power of a Unified Brand

LinkedIn infographic
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