Maximising Results with ‘Audience Insights’

TikTok users are characterized as immersive, engaged, and eager to act. TikTok for Business, have dedicated themselves to helping brands connect with those audiences and approach targeting in a more efficient manner, arming businesses with a deeper understanding of their customers.

From a survey by TikTok to businesses and brands, a recurring concern showed in the responses. The overall lack of ability to know who your content reaches.

  • “I don’t know if my audience is active on TikTok and what they are interested in.”
  • “I need to get deeper insights into my custom audiences on TikTok.”
  • “I need inspiration for targeting and creative.”

Since, TikTok has launched “Audience Insights” to assist advertisers better understand their viewers. TikTok Ads Manager now includes Audience Insights on a worldwide scale.

Having Insights into your audience will enhance advertising results. You can develop new methods to grow, investigate TikTok user interests, habits, and demographics. It allows you to discover cumulative audience statistics using simple filtering options all before creating a campaign.

Audience insight offers you quantitative and qualitative data which let you plan and produce focused content for your audience.

Getting the most out of Audience Insights

1. Planning campaigns

Using audience insights during your pre-campaign stage lets you discover interest hashtags. This narrows your audience to people who have interacted with a hashtag by creator type and engagement (those who have watched, liked, commented, or shared a video).

TikTok Custom Audiences, on the other hand, allows you to learn about audiences who have viewed, clicked, or engaged with your content, as well as audiences you have identified via Customer File.

You may also divide your audience into groups based on language, country, and even device price.

2. Validating audiences

Audience Insights can assist in answering audience-related queries. These insights give an overview of demographics, habits, and interests by displaying a high-level snapshot of the audience. This, in turn, helps brands and businesses to engage with customers more confidence, and may inspire ad concepts that resonate.

3. Inspiring targeted and creative strategies

Audience Insights can assist you in discovering new audiences in addition to those you already target. If any unforeseen or unusual interest categories emerge, this allows you accurately target them to see how they perform. For example, statistics may suggest that the audience of a nail technician are also interested in fashion and travel. The brand’s marketers then think about targeting these interests to identify new methods to compete.

4. Planning your content with hashtags and interest categories

With Audience Insights you may explore the top ten hashtags and advertising interests that appeal to people. Consider using these hashtags or interests while developing a campaign, establishing the theme, or integrating hashtags into your video material.

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