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Memes are a marketing resource that many companies shy away from. In a time when many consumers skip ads whenever they can, marketing with humour and familiar media can engage those “hard-to-reach” consumers. Meme marketing can be an extremely low-cost way to create engaging content that attracts a following.

Memes Are Inexpensive Content
Memes ride on content that’s created by other people so you don’t need to create an original video or photo yourself. They save small businesses and digital marketer’s time and money that would be needed to produce original content. Instead, you can riff off of existing media by adding a new caption or twist. Also, memers value DIY, low-resolution content so limited design skills aren’t a problem – sometimes the worse it looks, the better.

Memes Create a Sense of Community
Memes are funny, and that helps foster community among your followers. They create a sense of belonging because your audience can relate to the situation you refer to and everyone’s in on the same joke.

If you can make your audience laugh, you’ll attract followers and help viewers relate to your brand. Brand recall improves If your meme includes an absurd visual or catchy tune.

Meme-Based Content gets Shares
By definition, memes are supposed to be shared so the content is often reposted and re-memed across the internet to reach an even wider audience. When people send the meme to a friend for a laugh, they express allegiance to and advocate for your brand. This is an excellent way to reach a larger audience with little investment

Memes Create/Support Brand Relevancy
Because memes are often related to a current trend or event, they make your brand more real, modern, and human. Memes appeal to contemporary or cultural events that your viewers know about, which feels authentic and fresh. This content serves to bring a community together around a common touchstone and makes your brand seem more relatable.

Being at the forefront of the rapidly, ever evolving meme culture can help your brand. However, doing memes incorrectly can hurt your brand or make it even more popular. Memes are not an exact science. You never know what will be memed next. A bird? A classic literary work? Who knows?

Use this knowledge well, and happy meming.

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